Rebuilt Kwik Way Boring Bars

The Model Number: FWS2, FW, FN, FL
These Kwik Way Boring Bars are completely rebuilt by a semi-retired Kwik Way Rep with 40 years experience.

We currently have 4 units available.

2 FN's Bore Range 2.4'' to 5.4''
$5,695. each or $4,695. with an exchange.

2 FWS2 Bore Range 1.75'' to 3.75''
FWS2 & FW's are $3,995. each or $2,995. each exchange.
FL's run $6,695. when we have them.

Here is what it done to them.
Disassemble and check gears & bearings.
Rebuild clutch and clutch pins.
Remove column and grind or polish and then hone casting to fit. Replace upper and lower bearing.
Remove anchor assembly. Recondition and check for oil leaks.
Replace upper and lower felt seals.
Replace bevel gears, bronze gears & cross shaft as necessary.
Replace feed nut, belts, drive key.
Regrind micrometer face.
Replace diamond lap wheel.
All motors are sent to a motor shop for cleaning, new bearings, cord and drive coupler.
Check that all tooling is there and in good condition.
Test bore and calibrate mike.

You can send your machine in to be rebuilt. Can run from $2,900. to $4,600. depending.
Approx. 16 to 20 labor hours of rebuild time.

Quantity Available: 4
Price: $3,995 to $6,995.
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