Rottler 1.5″ Stub Boring Head

The Model Number: 600-2
One Rottler 600-2 Stub Boring Head

This will work on all Rotter models except the very early models from the 1960's

If you your machine has a part number that ends with a "B", this will work.

Bore range is 1.5'' to 4.1'' diameter

6.5'' deep

This is a complete kit. The way Rottler would have sold it.

It includes the 1.5'' to 4.1'' mike.

The 6.5'' long boring head.

Four tool holders (one of which is new)

Two sets of centering fingers (the larger set is new)

Three cutting tools. (one new regular tool bit & the blind hole cutter is new)

$300. worth of new parts.

Quantity Available: 1
Price: $1,200.
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